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What our customers say


"The HIDDEN GEM!! Why didn’t I know this place earlier when it is too close to my house. The sushi tastes great, fresh and well plated. They also put a tablet on every table so that you can easily order. The server and the chef were so nice and friendly. This is the best a la carte sushi I’ve come."

Nhi T. 

"The owner and servers are so sweet and helpful. Best service and the spicy dynamite roll was so yummy. The restaurant is super cute and intimate. Perfect for a date night! This is my second time eating here and I will definitely be coming back!! "

Sonia A. 

"Food is great here! You can always tell by the quality of the miso soup, and it's rich and flavourful. Sushi was delicious, not fishy at all and goes down great! The tempura was battered nicely and was very crispy. Overall, top restaurant and I'll be back!"

Ian H. 

"Nice cozy sushi place in my neighbourhood, I didn’t get a chance to visit before, I was really satisfied about the quality of the sushi and sashimi compared to most of the fancy places around. They great you with miso soup and snacks which is so sweet, I hope they can keep providing this service quality."

A Filot